With the Pipsqueaks academies little ones get the opportunity to get computer literate play-play, freedom to develop their creativity through the guidance of an art teacher and our golf coach are determined to make golf pro's of the children they coach. In our sport academy we focus on the further development of the children in preparing them for main stream schooling. Music and drama is an integral part of a child's development and we proud ourselves with the quality of music and drama teaching in the school. Registration forms for all these activities are available at the school.

Music academy

Art Academy

Apart from Pipsqueaks academies, there are a few additional activities at the school. These activities do not form part of Pipsqueaks' curriculum, which means that there are representatives from outside who give these classes. Enrolment forms for these classes are available at the school, but you will have to complete the forms and send it with payment, directly to the representatives if you would like to enrol your child for these activities.

These additional activities include:

              Ballet classes        

             Pottery classes      

Kids Aqua club (swimming lessons)